Updates - latest first

February 2017
Found first name for Leslie Colden 1928/29
Added cartoon image for R Horabin 1928/29
Added cartoon image for RC Daniell 1928/29
Split SV Daniel into SV Daniel 1927/28 and RC Daniell 1928/29
Added cartoon image for WG Smith 1928/29
Added cartoon image for W Goodson 1928/29
Added first name for Albert Chantler 1928/29
Added first name for Ernest Probst 1932/33
Tweaked website code for season by season player images display alignment
Amended venue of Dorking Amateur Cup tie 1926/27
Added photo for J Chorley 1934/35
Added first name, bio, profile and photo for Robert Dauphin 1928/29
Kuwait friendly score found, 1993/94
Updated photo and added bio details for Bill Mason 1926/27
Added extra time info to Barnet LSC home match 1925/26
Added photo for Alfred Earl 1921/22
Amended surname H Cressick 1924/25
Added first name for William Gifkins 1925/26
Added initial for R Buchanan 1924/25
Tweak to player info display box on profiles pages
Added first name for Alf Wadey 1924/25
Added initial for W Wills 1924/25
Added first name for Frank Jones 1924/25
Updated details and improved photo for Ralph Brown 1924/25
Added photo for Guy Rowell 1924/25
Added first name Guy Rowell 1924/25
Added photo for Elwyn Lloyd 1928/29
Added first name and edited profile for Elwyn Lloyd 1928/29
Added (bad) Kingston Wednesday League table 1924/25
Added extra time info to Leystonstone LSC home match 1924/25
Added first name Willy Willcocks (nickname) 1924/25
Added R H Owen to player list 1924/25
Added first name Micky Owen 1923/24
Amended venue of Leyland Motors SSC 1924/25
Corrected result against Sutton United, FA Cup 1919/20

January 2017
Updated profile for A Perry 1921/22
Added photo for RM Willcocks 1924/25
Added photo for FG Fricker 1924/25
Added photo for John Robinson 1924/25
Added first name John Robinson 1924/25
Added team photo 1925/26
Added team photo 1924/25
Added cartoon and updated profile for Tommy Holding 1951/52
Added first name Charlie Mason 1947/48
Added first name and corrected surname for Mark van der Borgh 1919/20
Corrected date of SCS replay at Kingstonian, 1936/37
Updated profile for Bert Mann, 1924/25
Updated profile for Bill Gatland, 1928/29
Added photo for Eric Caesar 1929/30
Added Eric Caesar 1929/30 and corrected Bill Caesar to 1921/22
Added photo for Sidney Sanders 1918/19
Updated 1931/32 group shot to better quality version
Corrected H|GP Hind[s] to George Hind 1920/21
Added cartoon for Alec Ford 1921/22
Added photo for EO Davies 1914/15
Added photo and bio for William Walker 1921/22
Added first name Jimmy Ainger 1920/21
Added photo for Jimmy Bouldon 1909/10
Added photo for Fred Phillips 1911/12
Added photo for Edward Cooper-Smith 1909/10
Updated profile for AS Bennett 1919/20
Merged and updated Alex Ford 1911/12 and Alec Ford 1921/22
Added first names Alfred and Arthur Earl 1921/22
Corrected result against Tooting Town, Charity match 1921/22
Added first name, profile and photo Leo Cassell 1921/22
Added first name and profile Syndey Spittle 1921/22
Added first name Jack Tilley 1922/23
Update profile for S Bryce 1921/22
Updated extra time information of second Guildford match 1921/22
Corrected result of first Guildford match 1921/22
Added Albert Earl to 1921/22 (brother of Alfred Earl)
Added score after 90 minutes to both AET matches 1920/21
Updated to correct Surrey Charity Shield for cup run 1920/21
Updated missing results from 1918/19
Updated missing results from 1914/15
Added intial to J Duffield, 1919/20
Added J Penney to 1919/20
Added neutral ground to Barking, LSC 1919/20
Corrected result against Bromley, LSC 1919/20
Corrected result against Darraqs, 1918/19
Added Jim Wright's obituary
Updated G Williamson, 1907/08 and added photo
Updated D Nash, 1919/20 and added photo
Updated W Haynes, 1909/10 and added photo
Added missing result against Summerstown, 1920/21
Updated profile for Jimmy Keeble, 1919/20
Updated profile for Len Marlow, 1921/22
Added previous club to J Bryett, 1921/22
Updated profile for Harry Gillham, 1920/21
Updated profile for Percy Corke, 1920/21
Updated profile for J McEwen, 1920/21
Updated profile for Sid Marrable, 1921/22
Added previous club to D Munday, 1921/22
Corrected 12/09/21 from London Charity Cup to London Challenge Cup
Added previous club to E Ohlsson, 1921/22
Started Probables vs Possibles article
Added note to WF Black, 1921/22
Added first name for Alec Ecclestone, 1921/22
Updated George Cannon full name and personal details, 1920/21
Added note to profile of F Vivyen-Davies, 1919/20
Added notes to profiles of W Rance and J Roxburgh, 1940/41
Deleted duplicated CB Shelley, 1908/09
Added TJ Reeves, 1919/20
Added initial for A Stockwell, 1919/20
Added first name and personal details Henry Dyer, 1919/20
Added 1919/20 reserves to EO Davies, 1914/15
Minor update to Len Marlow's profile, 1919/20
Added reports and lineups 1945/46 - 1949/50
Fixed a small css error that was showing a feint underline of links in results pages
Added fanzine section and slowly filling
Tweaked menu layout to look better when menu or submenu has a second line
Amended date of Canterbury match, 1964/65
Added Lengnau away game, 1955/56
Added first name Glen Feltham, 1953/54
Added first name Ted Gregory, 1954/55
Added first name Wally Smith, 1926/27
Added programme section and slowly filling
Completed match reports and line-ups for 1946/47