1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
29-08-1925HNunheadIsthmian League 1-4
02-09-1925HCivil ServiceIsthmian League 6-1
05-09-1925ANunheadIsthmian League 0-1
09-09-1925HLeytonstoneIsthmian League 6-2
12-09-1925AThe CasualsIsthmian League 5-3
17-09-1925ALeytonstoneIsthmian League 0-6
19-09-1925HTooting TownF.A. Cup [1Q] 2-1
26-09-1925HThe CasualsIsthmian League 3-2
03-10-1925HLeyland MotorsF.A. Cup [2Q] 4-1
10-10-1925ATooting TownF.A. Amateur Cup [2Q] 2-3
17-10-1925ANunheadF.A. Cup [3Q] 1-1
21-10-1925HNunheadF.A. Cup [3Q R] 5-2
24-10-1925HWycombe WanderersIsthmian League 2-4
31-10-1925ARedhillF.A. Cup [4Q] 0-2
07-11-1925HOxford CityIsthmian League 2-2
14-11-1925ADulwich HamletLondon Charity Cup [1] 0-3
21-11-1925HTufnell ParkIsthmian League 1-3
28-11-1925AWokingIsthmian League 3-4
05-12-1925ASt. Albans CityIsthmian League 0-3
12-12-1925ALondon CaledoniansIsthmian League 2-4
19-12-1925AIlfordIsthmian League 1-5
25-12-1925HFulham (reserves)Friendly 1-2
26-12-1925HNorthern NomadsFriendly 2-1
02-01-1926HWokingIsthmian League 4-5
09-01-1926HBarnetLondon Senior Cup [1] 3-3[1]
16-01-1926ABarnetLondon Senior Cup [1 R] 1-3
23-01-1926AWestminster BankSurrey Senior Cup [1] 3-2
30-01-1926HMitcham WanderersSurrey Charity Shield [1] 2-1
06-02-1926AWycombe WanderersIsthmian League 2-9
13-02-1926ALeyland MotorsSurrey Senior Cup [2] 0-2
20-02-1926ATufnell ParkIsthmian League 1-2
27-02-1926HClaptonIsthmian League 0-2
06-03-1926HSt. Albans CityIsthmian League 2-1
13-03-1926AOxford CityIsthmian League 4-2
20-03-1926HIlfordIsthmian League 4-1
27-03-1926HDulwich HamletIsthmian League 1-2
04-04-1926AAjax AmsterdamAmsterdam Cup [SF] 4-2
05-04-1926ABlauw-WitAmsterdam Cup [F] 2-0
10-04-1926HLondon CaledoniansIsthmian League 0-1
14-04-1926HRedhillSurrey Charity Shield [SF] 2-0
17-04-1926HBrentford (reserves)Friendly 1-1
21-04-1926ACivil ServiceIsthmian League 5-0
24-04-1926AClaptonIsthmian League 3-2
28-04-1926HSparta RotterdamFriendly 2-2
01-05-1926ADulwich HamletIsthmian League 3-6
04-05-1926HKingstonianSurrey Charity Shield [F] 2-1
After Extra Time. 3-3 after 90 minutes.  [1]
Isthmian League: P26 W9 D1 L16 F61 A77
F.A. Cup: P5 W3 D1 L1 F12 A7
F.A. Amateur Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F2 A3
London Charity Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A3
Friendly: P4 W1 D2 L1 F6 A6
London Senior Cup: P2 W0 D1 L1 F4 A6
Surrey Senior Cup: P2 W1 D0 L1 F3 A4
Surrey Charity Shield: P3 W3 D0 L0 F6 A2
Amsterdam Cup: P2 W2 D0 L0 F6 A2
Total: P46 W19 D5 L22 F100 A110