1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
00-00-0000AWatfordFriendly ?-?
26-07-1994AÅrdal United (norwegian)Friendly 5-1
27-07-1994AEid + Stryn + Jolster + Førde XI (norwegian)Friendly 4-0
28-07-1994ASkarbøvik IFFriendly ?-?
31-07-1994ATeam GLT (norwegian)Friendly 6-0
03-08-1994AVang (norwegian)Friendly 3-3
06-08-1994AOxford UnitedOxford Hospital Benevolent Cup [FINAL] 3-2
08-08-1994AChester CityFriendly 2-0
12-08-1994ABohemiansFriendly 2-1
20-08-1994ACoventry CityF.A. Carling Premiership 1-1
23-08-1994HIpswich TownF.A. Carling Premiership 1-1
27-08-1994HSheffield WednesdayF.A. Carling Premiership 0-1
31-08-1994AManchester UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 0-3
10-09-1994HLeicester CityF.A. Carling Premiership 2-1
17-09-1994ACrystal PalaceF.A. Carling Premiership 0-0
20-09-1994HTorquay UnitedCoca-Cola Cup [2 1L] 2-0
24-09-1994AQueens Park RangersF.A. Carling Premiership 1-0
01-10-1994HTottenham HotspurF.A. Carling Premiership 1-2
05-10-1994ATorquay UnitedCoca-Cola Cup [2 2L] 1-0[1]
08-10-1994HArsenalF.A. Carling Premiership 1-3
17-10-1994ANottingham ForestF.A. Carling Premiership 1-3
22-10-1994ALiverpoolF.A. Carling Premiership 0-3
26-10-1994HCrystal PalaceCoca-Cola Cup [3] 0-1
30-10-1994HNorwich CityF.A. Carling Premiership 1-0
05-11-1994ALeeds UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 1-3
09-11-1994HAston VillaF.A. Carling Premiership 4➧3
19-11-1994HNewcastle UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 3-2
26-11-1994AManchester CityF.A. Carling Premiership 0-2
03-12-1994HBlackburn RoversF.A. Carling Premiership 0-3
10-12-1994HCoventry CityF.A. Carling Premiership 2-0
16-12-1994AIpswich TownF.A. Carling Premiership 2-2
26-12-1994ASouthamptonF.A. Carling Premiership 3-2
28-12-1994HWest Ham UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 1-0
31-12-1994AChelseaF.A. Carling Premiership 1-1
02-01-1995HEvertonF.A. Carling Premiership 2-1
07-01-1995HColchester UnitedF.A. Cup [3] 1-0
14-01-1995ANorwich CityF.A. Carling Premiership 2-1
25-01-1995ANewcastle UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 1-2
28-01-1995ATranmere RoversF.A. Cup [4] 2-0
04-02-1995HLeeds UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 0-0
11-02-1995AAston VillaF.A. Carling Premiership 1-7
19-02-1995ALiverpoolF.A. Cup [5] 1-1
21-02-1995ABlackburn RoversF.A. Carling Premiership 1-2
25-02-1995ATottenham HotspurF.A. Carling Premiership 2-1
28-02-1995HLiverpoolF.A. Cup [5 R] 0-2
04-03-1995HQueens Park RangersF.A. Carling Premiership 1-3
07-03-1995HManchester UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 0-1
11-03-1995ASheffield WednesdayF.A. Carling Premiership 1-0
18-03-1995HCrystal PalaceF.A. Carling Premiership 2-0
21-03-1995HManchester CityF.A. Carling Premiership 2-0
01-04-1995ALeicester CityF.A. Carling Premiership 4-3
10-04-1995HChelseaF.A. Carling Premiership 1-1
13-04-1995AWest Ham UnitedF.A. Carling Premiership 0-3
17-04-1995HSouthamptonF.A. Carling Premiership 0-2
29-04-1995AEvertonF.A. Carling Premiership 0-0
02-05-1995HLiverpoolF.A. Carling Premiership 0-0
04-05-1995AArsenalF.A. Carling Premiership 0-0
13-05-1995HNottingham ForestF.A. Carling Premiership 2-2
Aggregate 3-0  [1]
Friendly: P6 W5 D1 L0 F22 A5
Oxford Hospital Benevolent Cup: P1 W1 D0 L0 F3 A2
F.A. Carling Premiership: P42 W15 D11 L16 F48 A65
Coca-Cola Cup: P3 W2 D0 L1 F3 A1
F.A. Cup: P4 W2 D1 L1 F4 A3
Total: P56 W25 D13 L18 F80 A76
Reserve Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
27-07-1994ABasingstoke TownFriendly 4-4
02-08-1994ACarshalton AthleticFriendly 4-2
20-08-1994APortsmouth (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-0
24-08-1994HCharlton Athletic (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-3
31-08-1994AOxford United (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-0
07-09-1994HBristol City (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
14-09-1994ASouthampton (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-2
26-09-1994AChelsea (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
26-09-1994HCrystal Palace (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-2
05-10-1994HBrighton & Hove Albion (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-1
12-10-1994ACrystal Palace (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
19-10-1994AIpswich Town (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
26-10-1994HSouthampton (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-4
09-11-1994HArsenal (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-3
16-11-1994ALuton Town (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 4-2
21-11-1994HChelsea (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 2-1
30-11-1994ABristol City (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-1
07-12-1994HIpswich Town (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 2-4
14-12-1994ABrighton & Hove Albion (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-1
21-12-1994HBristol Rovers (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-1
21-01-1995AArsenal (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-3
25-01-1995HMillwall (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-2
31-01-1995AQueens Park Rangers (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 2-1
13-02-1995AMillwall (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-2
22-02-1995HSwindon Town (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 3-0
27-02-1995HOxford United (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 2-2
06-03-1995AWatford (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-2
08-03-1995ABristol Rovers (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 2-0
15-03-1995HLuton Town (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
21-03-1995AWest Ham United (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-0
29-03-1995HNorwich City (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-0
03-04-1995ATottenham Hotspur (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
10-04-1995ASwindon Town (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-2
12-04-1995HWest Ham United (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-1
19-04-1995HPortsmouth (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 4-0
26-04-1995ACharlton Athletic (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-2
28-04-1995HTottenham Hotspur (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 0-3
01-05-1995HWatford (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
03-05-1995ANorwich City (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 2-2
05-05-1995HQueens Park Rangers (reserves)Avon Insurance Combination 1-1
09-08-1995AFarnboroughFriendly ?-?
Friendly: P2 W1 D1 L0 F8 A6
Avon Insurance Combination: P38 W11 D14 L13 F55 A55
Total: P40 W12 D15 L13 F63 A61
Under 18s
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
06-09-1994HNorwich City (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [1] 1-1
26-09-1994ANorwich City (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [1 R] 3-3[1]
04-10-1994HColchester United (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [2] 5-1
29-11-1994HAston Villa (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [QF] 5-2
06-12-1994AWest Ham United (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [2] 3-3
13-12-1994HWest Ham United (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [2 R] 4-2
20-12-1994HIpswich Town (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [3] 4-0
06-02-1995AStoke City (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [4] 2-1
01-03-1995HSheffield United (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [5] 3-3
13-03-1995ASheffield United (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [5 R] 3-2
25-03-1995AManchester United (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [SF 1L] 1-2
28-03-1995ACharlton Athletic (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [SF] 4-0
08-04-1995HManchester United (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [SF 2L] 0-3[2]
26-04-1995AArsenal (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [F 1L] 2-2
03-05-1995HArsenal (youth)Southern Junior Floodlit Cup [F 2L] 1-0[3]
Won 4-2 on penalties  [1]
Lost 1-5 On Aggregate  [2]
Won 3-2 On Aggregate  [3]
Southern Junior Floodlit Cup: P7 W4 D3 L0 F21 A9
F.A. Youth Cup: P8 W4 D2 L2 F20 A16
Total: P15 W8 D5 L2 F41 A25