1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
28-08-1954HSt. Albans CityIsthmian League 1-3
01-09-1954AClaptonIsthmian League 0-2
04-09-1954AKingstonianIsthmian League 4-5
11-09-1954AWealdstoneF.A. Cup [Pre] 4-2
15-09-1954HClaptonIsthmian League 4-2
18-09-1954HWalthamstow AvenueIsthmian League 2-3
25-09-1954AHayesF.A. Cup [1Q] 1-1
29-09-1954HHayesF.A. Cup [1Q R] 0-2
02-10-1954ACorinthian-CasualsIsthmian League 2-1
04-10-1954ALeyton Orient (reserves)London Challenge Cup [1] 0-4
09-10-1954HWokingIsthmian League 1-3
16-10-1954ABarkingIsthmian League 3-4
23-10-1954HRomfordIsthmian League 1-1
30-10-1954AWalthamstow AvenueIsthmian League 1-0
06-11-1954AWycombe WanderersIsthmian League 0-3
13-11-1954HIlfordIsthmian League 1-2
20-11-1954ADulwich HamletIsthmian League 2-0
27-11-1954HOxford CityIsthmian League 5-0
04-12-1954HDulwich HamletLondon Senior Cup [1] 2-3
11-12-1954HCorinthian-CasualsSurrey Senior Cup [1] 3-0
18-12-1954ATooting & Mitcham UnitedF.A. Amateur Cup [1] 1-1
24-12-1954AKingstonianSouth of the Thames Cup [1] 4-5
01-01-1955HTooting & Mitcham UnitedF.A. Amateur Cup [1 R] 4-3
08-01-1955ALeytonstoneIsthmian League 1-3
22-01-1955AShildonF.A. Amateur Cup [2] 0-0
29-01-1955HShildonF.A. Amateur Cup [2 R] 2-1
05-02-1955AHayesF.A. Amateur Cup [3] 2-0
12-02-1955HDulwich HamletIsthmian League 3-1
19-02-1955HHendonF.A. Amateur Cup [4] 1-1
26-02-1955AHendonF.A. Amateur Cup [4 R] 1-4
05-03-1955AMetropolitan PoliceSurrey Senior Cup [2] 3-1
12-03-1955HCorinthian-CasualsIsthmian League 1-2
19-03-1955NWalton & HershamSurrey Senior Cup [SF] 2-1[1]
26-03-1955AOxford CityIsthmian League 0-3
02-04-1955HBarkingIsthmian League 3-1
08-04-1955APoole Town (reserves)Friendly 5-1
09-04-1955ABournemouth Gasworks AthleticFriendly 1-0
16-04-1955ASt. Albans CityIsthmian League 3-0
18-04-1955HWycombe WanderersIsthmian League 1-3
23-04-1955HKingstonianIsthmian League 1-2
25-04-1955HBromleyIsthmian League 0-1
28-04-1955ARomfordIsthmian League 1-1
30-04-1955AIlfordIsthmian League 3-2
02-05-1955AWokingIsthmian League 1-9
04-05-1955ABromleyIsthmian League 0-4
07-05-1955HLeytonstoneIsthmian League 3-1
14-05-1955NSutton UnitedSurrey Senior Cup [FINAL] 2-1[2]
at Champion Hill, Dulwich Hamlet  [1]
at Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace  [2]
Isthmian League: P28 W10 D2 L16 F48 A62
F.A. Cup: P3 W1 D1 L1 F5 A5
London Challenge Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A4
London Senior Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F2 A3
Surrey Senior Cup: P4 W4 D0 L0 F10 A3
F.A. Amateur Cup: P7 W3 D3 L1 F11 A10
South of the Thames Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F4 A5
Friendly: P2 W2 D0 L0 F6 A1
Total: P47 W20 D6 L21 F86 A93
Reserve Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
28-08-1954AClapton (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 3-1
04-09-1954HKingstonian (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-1
11-09-1954HWealdstone (reserves)Westminster Hospital Cup [1] 4-1
18-09-1954ABarking (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-0
25-09-1954HWalthamstow Avenue (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-2
02-10-1954HWoking (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-3
09-10-1954AIlford (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-0
16-10-1954HBarking (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-0
23-10-1954AKingstonian (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-1
30-10-1954HRomford (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 3-3
06-11-1954HIlford (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 6-2
13-11-1954ALeytonstone (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-3
20-11-1954HWycombe Wanderers (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 3-1
04-12-1954AWycombe Wanderers (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 0-0
11-12-1954ACorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-2
18-12-1954ABromley (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-2
01-01-1955ADulwich Hamlet (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 1-4
08-01-1955HCorinthian-Casuals (reserves)London Intermediate Cup [1] 1-0
22-01-1955ABromley (reserves)London Intermediate Cup [2] 2-1
05-02-1955HDulwich Hamlet (reserves)London Intermediate Cup [3] 0-6
12-02-1955ASt. Albans CityIsthmian League Reserve Section 4-0
19-02-1955AOxford City (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 1-3
26-02-1955HDulwich Hamlet (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 2-7
05-03-1955HLeytonstone (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 3-1
12-03-1955ARomford (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 0-1
19-03-1955HSt. Albans CityIsthmian League Reserve Section 3-0
02-04-1955AWalthamstow Avenue (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 0-1
16-04-1955HClapton (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 0-1
23-04-1955HOxford City (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 1-4
26-04-1955HDulwich Hamlet (reserves)Westminster Hospital Cup [2] ?-?[1]
30-04-1955HCorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 1-3
05-05-1955AWoking (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 0-2
07-05-1955ABromley (reserves)Isthmian League Reserve Section 1-3
Competition TBC  [1]
Isthmian League Reserve Section: P28 W11 D5 L12 F52 A51
Westminster Hospital Cup: P1 W1 D0 L0 F4 A1
London Intermediate Cup: P3 W2 D0 L1 F3 A7
Total: P32 W14 D5 L13 F59 A59
Under 18s
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
00-00-0000HCivil Service (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [1] 2-2[1]
00-00-0000ACivil Service (youth)F.A. Youth Cup [1 R] 0-4
After Extra Time  [1]
F.A. Youth Cup: P2 W0 D1 L1 F2 A6
Total: P2 W0 D1 L1 F2 A6