1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
00-00-0000APitlake RoversHerald League 0-0[1]
19-09-1896HTooting BecFriendly 0-1
26-09-1896ASouth Wimbledon RoversHerald League 4-0
03-10-1896HEltringham Old BoysClapham League 3-1
10-10-1896HCarlton RoversClapham League 2-3
17-10-1896HSt. Mary's RecreationClapham League 5-1
24-10-1896ACarshaltonHerald League 3-0
31-10-1896AMerton ManorHerald League 1-1
07-11-1896ASutton St. Barnabas'Herald League 0-1
14-11-1896ABattersea PolytechnicClapham League 5-0
21-11-1896ASutton Guild RoversHerald League 1-0
28-11-1896HCranleyClapham League 1-0
05-12-1896HBattersea PolytechnicClapham League 4-0
12-12-1896ASt. Mary's RecreationClapham League 1-3
19-12-1896HMerton ManorHerald League 0-0
09-01-1897HSouth Wimbledon RoversHerald League 1-0
16-01-1897HHope HouseFriendly 1-2
30-01-1897HSutton St. Barnabas'Herald League 1-0
06-02-1897AWallingtonHerald League 1-0
13-02-1897HCarshaltonHerald League 3-0
20-02-1897AEltringham Old BoysClapham League 2-2
27-02-1897ACranleyClapham League W/O
06-03-1897HPitlake RoversHerald League 5-4
13-03-1897HSutton Guild RoversHerald League 1-1
20-03-1897ACarlton RoversClapham League 0-2
17-04-1897HClapham HawthornFriendly 6-4
19-04-1897HSutton St. Barnabas'Herald League 0-0
24-04-1897HWallingtonHerald League 1-0
Unplayed  [1]
Herald League: P15 W9 D5 L1 F22 A7
Friendly: P3 W1 D0 L2 F7 A7
Clapham League: P9 W5 D1 L3 F23 A12
Total: P27 W15 D6 L6 F52 A26