1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
18-09-1897HTooting Church InstituteFriendly 9-0
25-09-1897ATooting GraveneyClapham League 0-3
02-10-1897HHope HouseLondon Junior Cup [1] 3-0
09-10-1897HLondon & South Western RailwaysClapham League 1-0
16-10-1897HCarlton RoversClapham League 2-1
23-10-1897HMetrogasLondon Junior Cup [2] 3-1[1]
30-10-1897AWandsworth ('a')Clapham League 2-3
06-11-1897HTooting Church InstituteClapham League 3-0
13-11-1897HDulwich St. Peter'sLondon Junior Cup [3] 1-1
20-11-1897ADulwich St. Peter'sLondon Junior Cup [3 R] 4-1
27-11-1897ALeigham Court AthleticFriendly 0-2
04-12-1897ALewisham TownLondon Junior Cup [4] 1-1
11-12-1897HLewisham TownLondon Junior Cup [4 R] 1-1
18-12-1897ALewisham TownLondon Junior Cup [4 2R] P-P
01-01-1898HLewisham TownLondon Junior Cup [4 2R] 3-2
08-01-1898ADulwich HamletLondon Junior Cup [D4 SF] 0-5
15-01-1898AMerton ManorClapham League 2-2
22-01-1898HBattersea AthleticSouth Western Cup [2] 3-2
29-01-1898HBalham RoversClapham League 2-0
05-02-1898ALondon & South Western RailwaysClapham League 0-2
12-02-1898HLeigham Court AthleticFriendly P-P
19-02-1898ATooting Church InstituteClapham League 4-1
26-02-1898HEagle WanderersSouth Western Cup [3] 2-2
05-03-1898AEagle WanderersFriendly 4-2
12-03-1898AEagle WanderersSouth Western Cup [3 R] 1-2
19-03-1898ABalham RoversClapham League 2-2
26-03-1898HWandsworth ('a')Clapham League 2-0[2]
02-04-1898HBattersea St. John'sFriendly 6-1
08-04-1898ACarlton RoversClapham League P-P[3]
09-04-1898HWandsworth ('a')Clapham League 1-0
11-04-1898HTooting GraveneyClapham League 3-1
30-04-1898HMerton ManorClapham League 1-1[4]
Played at The Gasworks Ground  [1]
Abandoned  [2]
Opponents failed to show. Points claimed by Wimbledon Old Centrals.  [3]
Played at The Manor Club  [4]
Friendly: P4 W3 D0 L1 F19 A5
Clapham League: P13 W7 D3 L3 F23 A16
London Junior Cup: P8 W4 D3 L1 F16 A12
South Western Cup: P3 W1 D1 L1 F6 A6
Total: P28 W15 D7 L6 F64 A39
Reserve Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
18-09-1897AUnity (reserves)Friendly 6-1
25-09-1897HTooting Graveney (reserves)Friendly 4-1
02-10-1897ATooting Working MenFriendly 2-5
09-10-1897HSt. Marks (Kennington)Friendly 3-0
16-10-1897HSummerstown Working Men's Institute (reserves)Friendly 4-0
23-10-1897AHaslemereClapham League, Division II 3-1
30-10-1897HEast Hill EndeavourClapham League, Division II 1-1
06-11-1897HStormont InstituteFriendly 5-1
13-11-1897HSurbiton MelroseFriendly 1-0
20-11-1897AEltringham Old BoysFriendly 1-3[1]
27-11-1897HMerton Manor (reserves)Friendly 2-0
04-12-1897ATooting Graveney (reserves)Friendly 1-2
11-12-1897ASouthfieldsClapham League, Division II 4-0
18-12-1897HClapham AlbionFriendly 1-0
25-12-1897AMerton Manor (reserves)Friendly 7-1
27-12-1897HWimbledon St. AndrewsFriendly 6-0
01-01-1898ASurbiton MelroseFriendly P-P
08-01-1898APutney RoversClapham League, Division II 2-3
15-01-1898AAshburnhamClapham League, Division II 2-0
22-01-1898HSouthfieldsClapham League, Division II 2-0
29-01-1898HEltringham Old Boys (reserves)Friendly 13-0
05-02-1898ASt. Marks (Kennington)Friendly 6-1
12-02-1898AEast Hill EndeavourClapham League, Division II 2-1
19-02-1898AClapham AlbionClapham League, Division II 2-1
26-02-1898HAshburnhamClapham League, Division II 3-0
05-03-1898ARosendaleFriendly 1-1
12-03-1898HHaslemereClapham League, Division II 2-1
19-03-1898HPutney RoversClapham League, Division II 5-0
26-03-1898ASummerstown Working Men's Institute (reserves)Friendly P-P
02-04-1898HClapham AlbionClapham League, Division II 6-2
09-04-1898HRosendaleFriendly 1-0
11-04-1898HSpringfieldFriendly 1-1
16-04-1898HSt. SavioursFriendly 2-2
1st team fixture  [1]
Friendly: P19 W13 D3 L3 F67 A19
Clapham League, Division II: P12 W10 D1 L1 F34 A10
Total: P31 W23 D4 L4 F101 A29
Third Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
25-09-1897HOlympic (thirds)Friendly 6-2[1]
02-10-1897HSt. FrancisFriendly 0-6[2]
09-10-1897AHampton Hill (juniors)Friendly 1-3[3]
16-10-1897ABelmont (reserves)Friendly 2-0
23-10-1897HBalham Park (reserves)Friendly 0-4
30-10-1897ATooting Graveney (thirds)Friendly 0-2
06-11-1897ALambeth Young Men's Friendly SocietyFriendly 1-1
13-11-1897HSpringfieldFriendly 2-1
20-11-1897HTooting Graveney (thirds)Friendly 2-0
27-11-1897HSt. Peter'sFriendly 2-1
04-12-1897HCarshalton HillFriendly 1-3
11-12-1897HRavensbourne (thirds)Friendly 2-0
18-12-1897HSpringfieldFriendly 1-0
25-12-1897AHaydons Road (juniors)Friendly 0-2
26-12-1897HPelhamFriendly 1-3
01-01-1898HHampton Hill (juniors)Friendly P-P[4]
08-01-1898HBorough Polytechnic (c)Friendly 5-1
15-01-1898HCrawford United (reserves)Friendly 2-4
22-01-1898AGranvilleFriendly 2-1
29-01-1898ACarshalton HillFriendly 1-3
05-02-1898HSt. Peter'sFriendly 1-0
12-02-1898ACrawford United (reserves)Friendly 1-9
19-02-1898HLeigham Court Avenue (reserves)Friendly P-P[5]
26-02-1898ATooting Graveney (thirds)Friendly 0-3
05-03-1898HLambeth Young Men's Friendly SocietyFriendly 1-4
12-03-1898HRobertson'sFriendly 0-5
19-03-1898HWarwickFriendly 2-0[6]
26-03-1898AOlympic (thirds)Friendly P-P
02-04-1898APelhamFriendly 1-1
Both sides only had 9 men  [1]
Old Centrals only had 9 men  [2]
Old Centrals only had 9 men  [3]
Opponents scratched, unable to raise a team  [4]
Opponents failed to appear  [5]
Abandoned 20m, heavy rain  [6]
Friendly: P25 W10 D2 L13 F35 A59
Total: P25 W10 D2 L13 F35 A59
Fourth Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
27-11-1897HTootingFriendly 10-0
Friendly: P1 W1 D0 L0 F10 A0
Total: P1 W1 D0 L0 F10 A0