Saturday, 30 August 1919
Plough Lane
1 - 3
Hampstead Town

The first incident of note was a corner to Hampstead, which was well cleared by Edwards who sent Heap away, and he forced a corner at the other end. Nothing came of this, but good play between Van Der Bergh and Armitage culminated in the latter testing the Hampstead goalie with a hot shot. The visitors now forced the game, and Edward was prominent in stopping their outside-left when going well.

Herabouts Armitage, at inside-left, was showing excellent form, and consecutive efforts on his part, after passes from Heap and Nash, were really good. Hampstead then came again, and from a good pass by their outside-left, scored the first goal with a shot that gave Taylor no chance. From the kick-off Knight, who had been doing good work at centre-half for the home team, sent Heap going, and he a forced a corner. This was well met by Armitage, but the Hampstead custodian saved and cleared in grand style. The exchanges were now very even, and midfield play was the order till the visitors' inside-right got clean away, only to be met by Taylor, who made a great save close in. Shortly after this the same for ward broke through and scored Hampstead's second goal from a few yards out.

Wimbledon now had a look in and, following good half-back play, Ainger passed to Heap, who centred to Dale to score, half-time arriving with Hampstead leading by two goals to one.

The second half opened with Hampstead pressing, and Taylor saved a hot one at full length. Nash got away from the resulting corner-kick, but shot a trifle too wide. Wimbledon continued to press, but lacked finish in front of goal, and, after considerable mid-field play,. Hampstead's centre-half scored a great goal from twenty yards' range. Both teams were now feeling the effects of a warm afternoon, and play slackened accordingly, the halves predominating to the end, which came with Knight sending a long pot over the bar.

For Wimbledon to have registered a win in their first match against Hampstead on Saturday would certainly have been a splendid commencement of the season, but, notwithstanding it was the other way about, the confidence manifested in the club generally has by no means been misplaced.

Hampstead undoubtedly have a fine side, and won through their superior play in front of goal, the general work of both sides being very even. The display given by the home team simply emphasises the hope of the club's supporters of seeing really good football during the coming season, Taylor in goal is as safe as ever; Edwards is at present the best of the two backs, although Stockwell shows good promise. Of the halves, Knight got through a vast amount of work, placing the ball to good advantage. Ainger at left-half is a distinct acquisition to the team, but Sid Rickard was obviously out of condition, although we shall look for his old-time form when Jimmy Gates gets hold of him in training. Armitage was the outstanding figure in the forward-line, always making progress in the right direction, and Van Der Bergh shows promise of good things to come, but both lack experience. A little shooting practice will no doubt work wonders.

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