1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
16-07-2003AKingstonianFriendly 0-2
19-07-2003ADorchester TownFriendly 3-0
21-07-2003AHampton & Richmond BoroughFriendly 0-2
23-07-2003ALeatherheadFriendly 1-1
26-07-2003HWatfordFriendly 1-4
29-07-2003ACarshalton AthleticFriendly 4-1
30-07-2003ADulwich HamletFriendly 0-3
02-08-2003ANewport CountyFriendly 1-1
05-08-2003HLuton TownFriendly 0-2
09-08-2003ASutton UnitedFriendly 0-1
12-08-2003AWhyteleafeFriendly 1-1
16-08-2003AFelthamCombined Counties League 2-0
20-08-2003HMersthamCombined Counties League 3-2
23-08-2003HSouthallCombined Counties League 4-2
25-08-2003AWithdean 2000Combined Counties League 4-2
30-08-2003HNorth Greenford UnitedCombined Counties League 3-0
06-09-2003AWestfieldF.A. Vase [1Q] 7-2
09-09-2003HFrimley GreenCombined Counties League 4-0
13-09-2003HFarnham TownCombined Counties League 4-1
17-09-2003AIlfordLondon Senior Cup 2-6
21-09-2003APaghamF.A. Vase [2Q] 1-0
24-09-2003HChessington & Hook UnitedCombined Counties League 6-0
27-09-2003ABedfontCombined Counties League 6-1
01-10-2003HChessington UnitedCombined Counties League 7-0
05-10-2003AMersthamPremier Challenge Cup 5-0[1]
11-10-2003HSandhurst TownCombined Counties League 4-1
18-10-2003AHerne BayF.A. Vase [1] 3-2
25-10-2003AChipsteadCombined Counties League 3-0
29-10-2003HGodalming & GuildfordCombined Counties League 4-0
01-11-2003AReading TownCombined Counties League 2-0
08-11-2003HHartley WintneyCombined Counties League 6-0
15-11-2003ACobhamCombined Counties League 4-0
19-11-2003HWalton CasualsPremier Challenge Cup 5-4
22-11-2003HWootton Blue CrossF.A. Vase [2] 3-0
29-11-2003ACoveCombined Counties League 2-0
03-12-2003AAsh UnitedSurrey Senior Cup 1-0[2]
06-12-2003AAsh UnitedCombined Counties League 5-3
16-12-2003AHorley TownCombined Counties League 4-2
27-12-2003HRaynes Park ValeCombined Counties League 7-0
03-01-2004ABAT SportsF.A. Vase [3] 1-0[3]
07-01-2004HWalton CasualsCombined Counties League 5-2
10-01-2004ASandhurst TownCombined Counties League 2-2
17-01-2004HColneF.A. Vase [4] 1-2
24-01-2004AFarnham TownCombined Counties League 4-0
27-01-2004AChipsteadPremier Challenge Cup 3-1
31-01-2004HFelthamCombined Counties League 1-0
03-02-2004HBanstead AthleticSurrey Senior Cup 1-2
07-02-2004HAsh UnitedCombined Counties League 2-0
14-02-2004AChessington UnitedCombined Counties League 9-0
18-02-2004HRaynes Park ValePremier Challenge Cup 5-0
21-02-2004HBedfontCombined Counties League 8-0
25-02-2004HWestfieldCombined Counties League 3-0
28-02-2004AHartley WintneyCombined Counties League 2-0
03-03-2004HChipsteadCombined Counties League 0-0
06-03-2004HCobhamCombined Counties League 5-1
10-03-2004HAFC WallingfordCombined Counties League 1-1
13-03-2004AGodalming & GuildfordCombined Counties League 4-1
16-03-2004AConey HallPremier Challenge Cup 2-2[4]
23-03-2004AFrimley GreenCombined Counties League 3-1
27-03-2004ASouthallCombined Counties League 4-0
31-03-2004HHorley TownCombined Counties League 2-0
03-04-2004AWestfieldCombined Counties League 3-0
08-04-2004AConey HallPremier Challenge Cup [SF] 5-0
10-04-2004HWithdean 2000Combined Counties League 6-0
12-04-2004AWalton CasualsCombined Counties League 3-0
17-04-2004AMersthamCombined Counties League 6-0
21-04-2004HCoveCombined Counties League 8-0
24-04-2004AChessington & Hook UnitedCombined Counties League 5-3
27-04-2004ANorth Greenford UnitedCombined Counties League 2-1
30-04-2004NNorth Greenford UnitedPremier Challenge Cup [F] 4-1
03-05-2004ARaynes Park ValeCombined Counties League 3-2
06-05-2004HReading TownCombined Counties League 3-3
08-05-2004AAFC WallingfordCombined Counties League 2-1[5]
Switched to Kingsmeadow  [1]
Switched to Kingsmeadow  [2]
Switched to Kingsmeadow  [3]
Abandoned during extra time  [4]
Switched to Kingsmeadow  [5]
Friendly: P11 W2 D3 L6 F11 A18
Combined Counties League: P46 W42 D4 L0 F180 A32
F.A. Vase: P6 W5 D0 L1 F16 A6
London Senior Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F2 A6
Premier Challenge Cup: P6 W6 D0 L0 F27 A6
Surrey Senior Cup: P2 W1 D0 L1 F2 A2
Total: P72 W56 D7 L9 F238 A70
Reserve Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
19-07-2003AForestFriendly 0-2
19-07-2003AForestFriendly 0-2
26-07-2003AColliers Wood UnitedFriendly 1-6
27-07-2003AMaidstone UnitedFriendly 1-3
02-08-2003AShalfordFriendly 3-2
07-08-2003AForestFriendly 0-0
16-08-2003HChipstead (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 5-2
23-08-2003AFleet Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 10-0
26-08-2003ABracknell Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-2
03-09-2003HChertsey Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
06-09-2003AUxbridge (reserves)Suburban League Cup [1] 3-2
13-09-2003ACorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-3
20-09-2003HWealdstone (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-0
27-09-2003AGodalming & Guildford (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 6-1
30-09-2003AChessington United (reserves)Friendly 6-0
04-10-2003HWalton & Hersham (reserves)Suburban League Cup [2] 2-1
11-10-2003HCroydon Athletic (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 5-1
15-10-2003AHavant & Waterlooville (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-0
18-10-2003AWalton & Hersham (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-1
21-10-2003HMolesey (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-8
25-10-2003HEpsom & Ewell (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-1
01-11-2003AChertsey Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-1
05-11-2003HCorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-1
08-11-2003AFisher Athletic (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-2
12-11-2003HHavant & Waterlooville (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-4
15-11-2003HWalton & Hersham (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
22-11-2003AWealdstone (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-3
06-12-2003HTooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Cup [3] 4-1[1]
13-12-2003ACamberley Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-1
10-01-2004HFisher Athletic (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-3
04-02-2004HKew AssociationSurrey Premier Challenge Cup [2] 5-0
07-02-2004AChipstead (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-0
14-02-2004HTooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-1
17-02-2004HWalton Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-1
26-02-2004HMolesey (reserves)Surrey Premier Challenge Cup [3] 5-0
28-02-2004HGodalming & Guildford (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 5-1
06-03-2004HFleet Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 4-0
11-03-2004HCrescent RoversSurrey Premier Challenge Cup [4] 1-0
16-03-2004ACroydon Athletic (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-0
20-03-2004HTonbridge Angels (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
22-03-2004AWalton & Hersham (reserves)Surrey Premier Challenge Cup 0-2
27-03-2004AMolesey (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 4-0
03-04-2004HCamberley Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-0
10-04-2004AWalton Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-0
17-04-2004ATonbridge Angels (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-0
26-04-2004AEpsom & Ewell (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-3
29-04-2004HBracknell Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 4-1
01-05-2004ATooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-3
ineligible player  [1]
Friendly: P7 W2 D1 L4 F11 A15
Suburban League Southern Division: P34 W17 D6 L11 F75 A47
Suburban League Cup: P3 W3 D0 L0 F9 A4
Surrey Premier Challenge Cup: P4 W3 D0 L1 F11 A2
Total: P48 W25 D7 L16 F106 A68