1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
11-07-2009HWycombe WanderersFriendly 0-1
18-07-2009AIsle of ManFriendly 3-0
18-07-2009ARamseyFriendly 8-1
21-07-2009HBrighton & Hove AlbionFriendly 0-2
25-07-2009HFC United of ManchesterBrain Lomax Supporters Direct Cup [F] 2-0
28-07-2009HFulham (xi)Friendly 2-1
01-08-2009AFarnboroughFriendly 2-1
03-08-2009ANorth Greenford UnitedFriendly 6-1
08-08-2009HLuton TownBlue Square Premier 1-1
11-08-2009AEastbourne BoroughBlue Square Premier 0-1
15-08-2009AKettering TownBlue Square Premier 2-1
18-08-2009HSalisbury CityBlue Square Premier 4-0
22-08-2009AAltrinchamBlue Square Premier 1-0
29-08-2009HOxford UnitedBlue Square Premier 0-1
31-08-2009AGrays AthleticBlue Square Premier 4-2
05-09-2009ATamworthBlue Square Premier 2-2
12-09-2009HCambridge UnitedBlue Square Premier 0-0
19-09-2009AEbbsfleet UnitedBlue Square Premier 2-2
22-09-2009HCrawley TownBlue Square Premier 1-1
26-09-2009HHistonBlue Square Premier 4-0
29-09-2009ARushden & DiamondsBlue Square Premier 1-0
03-10-2009HKidderminster HarriersBlue Square Premier 0-1
10-10-2009AForest Green RoversBlue Square Premier 5-2
17-10-2009HKettering TownBlue Square Premier 1-2
24-10-2009ACrawley TownF.A. Cup [4Q] 1-1
27-10-2009HCrawley TownF.A. Cup [4Q R] 3-1
31-10-2009AChester CityBlue Square Premier 1-3
09-11-2009AMillwallF.A. Cup [1] 1-4
14-11-2009ABarrowBlue Square Premier 2-2
21-11-2009HYork CityBlue Square Premier 0-1
24-11-2009HEbbsfleet UnitedBlue Square Premier 3-0
28-11-2009AKidderminster HarriersBlue Square Premier 1-0
01-12-2009ASalisbury CityBlue Square Premier 2-0
05-12-2009HGatesheadBlue Square Premier 2-0
08-12-2009AAsh UnitedSurrey Senior Cup 7-1
12-12-2009HBoreham WoodF.A. Trophy [1] 2-1
26-12-2009HHayes & Yeading UnitedBlue Square Premier 5-0
28-12-2009AStevenage BoroughBlue Square Premier 0-0
01-01-2010AHayes & Yeading UnitedBlue Square Premier 0-1
16-01-2010HMansfield TownBlue Square Premier 2-0
19-01-2010HAltrinchamF.A. Trophy [2] 3-1
23-01-2010AWrexhamBlue Square Premier 0-1
26-01-2010HCamberley TownSurrey Senior Cup 1-1[1]
30-01-2010HWorkingtonF.A. Trophy [3] 2-3
01-02-2010ATooting & Mitcham UnitedLondon Senior Cup 0-1[2]
06-02-2010HForest Green RoversBlue Square Premier 2-0
09-02-2010ATooting & Mitcham UnitedLondon Senior Cup 2-2
13-02-2010ACambridge UnitedBlue Square Premier 2-2
20-02-2010ALuton TownBlue Square Premier 2-1
23-02-2010AOxford UnitedBlue Square Premier 0-2
02-03-2010AChipsteadSurrey Senior Cup 4-3
06-03-2010HAltrinchamBlue Square Premier 1-1
09-03-2010ACrawley TownBlue Square Premier 1-2
11-03-2010AHarrow BoroughLondon Senior Cup 3-2
13-03-2010HEastbourne BoroughBlue Square Premier 2-0
23-03-2010HBarrowBlue Square Premier 0-2
27-03-2010HRushden & DiamondsBlue Square Premier 0-1
30-03-2010HWrexhamBlue Square Premier 2-2
03-04-2010AHistonBlue Square Premier 3-1
05-04-2010HStevenage BoroughBlue Square Premier 0-3
07-04-2010AYork CityBlue Square Premier 0-5
08-04-2010AGodalming TownSurrey Senior Cup 0-2
10-04-2010AMansfield TownBlue Square Premier 1-0
13-04-2010HGrays AthleticBlue Square Premier 0-2
15-04-2010HCroydon AthleticLondon Senior Cup 3-0
20-04-2010HTamworthBlue Square Premier 0-1
24-04-2010AGatesheadBlue Square Premier 0-1
28-04-2010NMetropolitan PoliceLondon Senior Cup 4-4
After extra time. Won 6-5 on penalties.  [1]
Abandoned.  [2]
Friendly: P7 W5 D0 L2 F21 A7
Brain Lomax Supporters Direct Cup: P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A0
Blue Square Premier: P45 W18 D10 L17 F62 A50
F.A. Cup: P3 W1 D1 L1 F5 A6
Surrey Senior Cup: P4 W2 D1 L1 F12 A7
F.A. Trophy: P3 W2 D0 L1 F7 A5
London Senior Cup: P4 W2 D2 L0 F12 A8
Total: P67 W31 D14 L22 F121 A83
Reserve Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
14-07-2009HMersthamFriendly 1-4
30-07-2009AGodalming TownFriendly 0-1
01-08-2009ACoveFriendly 4-0
08-08-2009AChipsteadFriendly 1-1
11-08-2009AClaygate & Ditton FCFriendly 5-1
18-08-2009HWhyteleafe (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 5-1
22-08-2009HBeaconsfield SYCOB (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 2-0
26-08-2009ABasingstoke Town (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 4-1
29-08-2009HAshford Town (Mx) (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 2-2
01-09-2009HUxbridge (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 4-0
05-09-2009AWealdstone (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 1-1
12-09-2009HChalfont St. Peter (reserves)Suburban League Cup [1] 1-0
16-09-2009ATooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 0-1
19-09-2009HTonbridge Angels (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 3-2
29-09-2009AGodalming Town (reserves)Surrey Premier Challenge Cup [1] 1-0
03-10-2009ANorthwood (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 1-3
06-10-2009AThree Bridges (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 5-1
10-10-2009AAsh United (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 4-1
14-10-2009ABasingstoke Town (reserves)Suburban League Champions Cup 0-0
17-10-2009HEastleigh (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 6-0
20-10-2009HMetropolitan Police (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 3-1
27-10-2009HBasingstoke Town (reserves)Suburban League Champions Cup 3-4
31-10-2009HSutton United (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 3-2
03-11-2009HCrescent RoversSurrey Premier Challenge Cup [2] 3-0
07-11-2009AAshford Town (Mx) (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 0-4
21-11-2009ALeatherhead (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 2-4
24-11-2009HWorcester ParkSurrey Premier Challenge Cup [3] 0-2
28-11-2009ATonbridge Angels (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 0-0
05-12-2009AUxbridge (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 0-1
12-12-2009AMetropolitan Police (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 3-1
15-12-2009HTooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Cup [2] 1-0
02-01-2010HBedfont Green (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 9-0
23-01-2010ABedfont Green (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 4-2
26-01-2010HTooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 1-0
30-01-2010HNorthwood (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 1-0
08-02-2010ABedfont (reserves)Suburban League Cup [3] 3-2[1]
16-02-2010ABeaconsfield SYCOB (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 3-1
02-03-2010AAshford Town (Mx) (reserves)Suburban League Cup [4] 0-2
06-03-2010HLeatherhead (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 3-2
16-03-2010AEastleigh (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 4-1
20-03-2010HWealdstone (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 4-1
27-03-2010AWhyteleafe (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 1-0
13-04-2010HBasingstoke Town (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 5-3
17-04-2010ASutton United (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 1-2
27-04-2010HThree Bridges (reserves)Suburban League Premier Division 0-1
AET  [1]
Friendly: P5 W2 D1 L2 F11 A7
Suburban League Premier Division: P31 W21 D3 L7 F84 A39
Suburban League Cup: P4 W3 D0 L1 F5 A4
Surrey Premier Challenge Cup: P3 W2 D0 L1 F4 A2
Suburban League Champions Cup: P2 W0 D1 L1 F3 A4
Total: P45 W28 D5 L12 F107 A56