1st Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
16-07-2005ABognor Regis TownFriendly 2-0
18-07-2005ACobhamFriendly 5-0
19-07-2005AHanwell TownFriendly 4-1
23-07-2005HFC United of ManchesterBrain Lomax Supporters Direct Cup [F] 1-0
26-07-2005AKingstonianTrevor Jones Memorial Trophy 2-0
30-07-2005AAshford Town (Middlesex)Friendly 1-1
06-08-2005HAldershot TownFriendly 1-1
09-08-2005ACrawley TownFriendly 4-5
13-08-2005HDover AthleticFriendly 0-1
16-08-2005AWalton CasualsFriendly 3-5
20-08-2005HFolkestone InvictaRyman League Premier Division 4-1
23-08-2005AMaldon TownRyman League Premier Division 2-0
27-08-2005ASlough TownRyman League Premier Division 2-0
29-08-2005HStaines TownRyman League Premier Division 1-1
03-09-2005AEast Thurrock UnitedRyman League Premier Division 1-1
06-09-2005HBromleyRyman League Premier Division 1-1
10-09-2005HAshford Town (Middlesex)F.A. Cup [1Q] 2-2
13-09-2005AAshford Town (Middlesex)F.A. Cup [1Q R] 2-0
17-09-2005HWorthingRyman League Premier Division 1-2
20-09-2005ARedbridgeRyman League Premier Division 3-0
24-09-2005HWalton & HershamF.A. Cup [2Q] 0-3
01-10-2005AHeybridge SwiftsRyman League Premier Division 1-1
04-10-2005HWealdstoneRyman League Premier Division 1-1
08-10-2005HBillericay TownRyman League Premier Division 1-1
11-10-2005AHampton & Richmond BoroughRyman League Premier Division 1-2
15-10-2005HKing's LynnF.A. Trophy [1Q] 1-0
22-10-2005HFisher AthleticRyman League Premier Division 1-0
25-10-2005ABromleyRyman League Premier Division 0-2
29-10-2005AWindsor & EtonRyman League Premier Division 4-0
05-11-2005HMaldon TownRyman League Premier Division 3-0
08-11-2005AStaines TownWestview League Cup 2-0
12-11-2005ARamsgateF.A. Trophy [2Q] 1-1
15-11-2005HRamsgateF.A. Trophy [2Q R] 2-1
19-11-2005AChelmsford CityRyman League Premier Division 0-1
22-11-2005HRedbridgeRyman League Premier Division 5-0
26-11-2005ADartfordF.A. Trophy [3Q] 0-0
29-11-2005HDartfordF.A. Trophy [3Q R] 2-0
03-12-2005HLeytonRyman League Premier Division 0-0
06-12-2005AWingate and FinchleyLondon Senior Cup 2-3
10-12-2005HHendonRyman League Premier Division 2-1
13-12-2005HAsh UnitedSurrey Senior Cup 3-2
17-12-2005HSt Albans CityF.A. Trophy [1] 2-3
20-12-2005HHendonWestview League Cup 0-1
26-12-2005HWalton & HershamRyman League Premier Division 2-1
02-01-2006AStaines TownRyman League Premier Division 3-0
07-01-2006AFolkestone InvictaRyman League Premier Division 0-1
21-01-2006AWorthingRyman League Premier Division 2-0
28-01-2006HSlough TownRyman League Premier Division 2-2
02-02-2006HMetropolitan PoliceSurrey Senior Cup 2-0
04-02-2006ALeytonRyman League Premier Division 2-1
07-02-2006HBraintree TownRyman League Premier Division 1-1
11-02-2006HMargateRyman League Premier Division 1-2
18-02-2006HWindsor & EtonRyman League Premier Division 1-1
25-02-2006AFisher AthleticRyman League Premier Division 1-0
04-03-2006ABraintree TownRyman League Premier Division 0-0
07-03-2006AMargateRyman League Premier Division 1-0
11-03-2006HChelmsford CityRyman League Premier Division 0-1
14-03-2006AGuildford UnitedSurrey Senior Cup 4-0
18-03-2006HHeybridge SwiftsRyman League Premier Division 1-0
21-03-2006AHarrow BoroughRyman League Premier Division 2-1
25-03-2006AWealdstoneRyman League Premier Division 5-1
01-04-2006HHampton & Richmond BoroughRyman League Premier Division 0-4
04-04-2006AAshford Town (Middlesex)Surrey Senior Cup [SF] 2-1
08-04-2006ABillericay TownRyman League Premier Division 1-2
15-04-2006HEast Thurrock UnitedRyman League Premier Division 3-2
17-04-2006AWalton & HershamRyman League Premier Division 2-0
22-04-2006AHendonRyman League Premier Division 1-0
29-04-2006HHarrow BoroughRyman League Premier Division 2-1
02-05-2006AFisher AthleticRyman League Premier Division [Play-Off SF] 1-2
12-05-2006NKingstonianSurrey Senior Cup [F] 0-1
Friendly: P8 W3 D2 L3 F20 A14
Brain Lomax Supporters Direct Cup: P1 W1 D0 L0 F1 A0
Trevor Jones Memorial Trophy: P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A0
Ryman League Premier Division: P43 W22 D11 L10 F68 A38
F.A. Cup: P3 W1 D1 L1 F4 A5
F.A. Trophy: P6 W3 D2 L1 F8 A5
Westview League Cup: P2 W1 D0 L1 F2 A1
London Senior Cup: P1 W0 D0 L1 F2 A3
Surrey Senior Cup: P5 W4 D0 L1 F11 A4
Total: P70 W36 D16 L18 F118 A70
Reserve Team
Date OpponentCompetitionScore
16-07-2005AChertsey TownFriendly 0-0
24-07-2005AShalfordFriendly 0-0
27-07-2005ABedfont SportsFriendly 0-0
29-07-2005AWestfieldFriendly 2-0
02-08-2005ABedfontFriendly 1-2
06-08-2005HHendon (reserves)Friendly 2-1
13-08-2005AWhyteleafe (reserves)Friendly 2-4
24-08-2005HMolesey (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-0
27-08-2005AEastleigh (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-4
03-09-2005ATooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Cup [1 1] 1-4
17-09-2005HTooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Cup [1 2] 2-2
24-09-2005AWalton Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
28-09-2005AWarlinghamSurrey Premier Challenge Cup [1] 2-1
08-10-2005HGodalming Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-0
15-10-2005HEpsom & Ewell (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 4-2
26-10-2005HNetherne VillageSurrey Premier Challenge Cup [2] 3-2
29-10-2005HTooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-1
05-11-2005AHorley Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 5-0
12-11-2005AChipstead (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-2
19-11-2005HWalton Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-2
30-11-2005AMetropolitan Police (reserves)Surrey Premier Challenge Cup [3] 3-0
07-01-2006AMolesey (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 6-2
14-01-2006HChipstead (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 4-0
21-01-2006ATonbridge Angels (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-1
28-01-2006HCamberley Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-0
30-01-2006ACarshalton Athletic (reserves)Suburban League Shield 3-0
04-02-2006HCorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
08-02-2006HMetropolitan Police (reserves)Suburban League Shield 2-3
11-02-2006ACamberley Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
18-02-2006AMerstham (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-1
28-02-2006ACorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Shield 1-4
04-03-2006HEastleigh (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
11-03-2006ATooting & Mitcham United (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-0
22-03-2006HHorley Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-0
25-03-2006AGodalming Town (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-2
05-04-2006HMerstham (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-1
15-04-2006HThree Bridges (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
19-04-2006AEpsom & Ewell (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 2-0
25-04-2006ACorinthian-Casuals (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 0-1
29-04-2006AThree Bridges (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 3-0
04-05-2006HTonbridge Angels (reserves)Suburban League Southern Division 1-1
Friendly: P7 W2 D3 L2 F7 A7
Suburban League Southern Division: P26 W11 D8 L7 F45 A25
Suburban League Cup: P2 W0 D1 L1 F3 A6
Surrey Premier Challenge Cup: P3 W3 D0 L0 F8 A3
Suburban League Shield: P3 W1 D0 L2 F6 A7
Total: P41 W17 D12 L12 F69 A48