Wednesday, 26 April 1950
Isthmian League
4 - 1

Charlie Smith started at inside-forward with Freddie Gauntlett moving back to his usual wide berth vice Harry Bull in what turned out to be a most unusual and, for the Dons, unfortunate game.

The light was extremely bad when the game started but Wimbledon took the lead in the first minute of the game when Stoker, instead of booting the ball, breasted it and it went to Gauntlett who beat Hounslow. Kingstonian were mainly on the offensive when after eleven minutes play the referee called a halt at a time when it was not possible to see what was happening on the opposite side of the ground. It was officially announced over the loudspeaker that the game had been abandoned and a large section of the crowd left the ground. The sky brightened after a heavy downpour of rain and several of the Dons players, still in football gear, came on to the ground. The spectators remaining called for the game to continue but by then the secretaries of both clubs had already agreed to the game being replayed the following Thursday. The Dons captain, after a discussion with his team, thought the match should be resumed in view of the improved conditions, but it was stated that four or five Kingstonian players were having a bath. After consultation the referee and the teams agreed to carry on from where the game had been stopped. This decision turned out to be calamitous for the Dons.

Five minutes after the game was resumed Zimmer equalised with a long shot and Whing gave the home team the lead with a header a quarter of an hour later. Kingstonian was much stronger in attack than their rivals, Zimmer being exceptionally clever. The Dons forwards seemed goal shy and too often passed to a colleague instead of trying a shot, thereby missing easy chances.

In the second half the home team were definitely the superior side, and although the Dons re-arranged their attack they did not make much headway until the last quarter of an hour. In the meantime Whing was presented with a goal by a defensive lapse. Parsons left his goal to challenge Drawwater but stopped before he got to the ball and allowed the outside left to tap the ball to the centre-forward who had an empty net to shoot at. Five minutes from the end Sorenson, taking the ball in his stride, fired in a low shot which left Parsons helpless, effectively ending Wimbledon’s title chances in their jubilee season.